Group Training (FIST)

f.i.s.t (Functional – Intensity – Strength – Training) Eclipse Fitness has a dedicated space for group training - The FIST studio. The program is equipped with all of the cutting edge functional training equipment needed to get our members incredible results. Functional strength training simply means training our bodies to better perform the types of movements we use for everyday life. In addition, functional training can burn 3X MORE CALORIES than running on a treadmill and it's FUN, REWARDING AND NEVER BORING! FIST is not classes but specifically designed programs to deliver impressive results!

The Kettlebell program is designed for beginners through advanced exercisers. A Kettlebell Instructor will guide you through specific movements using Russian Kettlebells.

This program is designed for the more experienced exerciser. These programs are for people who are serious about getting results in record time. This workout is unlike any training program you've ever participated in. movements and props include slam balls, Suspension Training, Kettlebells.

FUNctional Fitness
This program is designed for beginners through advanced exercisers. An innovative fitness professional will coach you through a fun, varied workout program that is based on functional, full bodied movements, including Fit Lifts, Body Weight Exercises and Cardio-Respiratory Endurance Training; all performed at your individual maximum effort.

FIT-traxx is Eclipse Fitness' incredible group training program that is scientifically designed to help people of all ages, shapes and sizes melt fat, increase energy and build strength and tone in only FOUR WEEKS!
A FIT-traxx Coach guides you through every single step from your strength and cardio workouts to nutritional strategies that will give you all the answers you need to finally get the results you want.